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Our organization is commited to its mission of connecting citizens of Montréal to the St-Lawrence River. Our name underlines the importance providing access to the River in order to assure its protection and increase the level of awareness and appreciation for its importance.  We work in 13 zones of intervention propriatarily (ZIP) which exist along the banks of the St-Lawrence River. 


Among the 15 largest rivers in the world, the St-Lawrence is 2,000km long connecting lake Ontraio to the Atlantic Ocean at the island of Cap-Breton.

Including the Great Lakes, 25% of the earth's freshwater resources are found within its watershed.

One of the largest interior navigable stretches of freshwater, it serves as an important commercial resource for the transport of goods on large ships.

Here in Montréal as well as along other stretches of the St-Lawrence it's possible to surf, kayak, canoe, sail, jetski, swim, and fish in addition to other great activities.

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