6-trick and 10-trick standard on Mavericks & Big Joe or any other wave, respectively


Race down the Rapide Ste-Catherine chasing a Saute Moutons Jet Boat

Whitewater kayakers from around the world come to Montréal because of the great freestyle potential.  Yet, probably very few of them hae ever surfed Mavericks.  It's probably the biggest standing wave in the world that runs consistently all summer long.  A Jet ski is necessary to catch the wave and return and thus this event is about maximizing the potential of the Lachine Rapids.  A 3-trick standard WWGP format allows freestyle hustlers to shine! 
Big Joe is well known among the freestyle kayakers of the world.  Also, one of the most predictable and best waves running in North America during the late summer months, in 2016 we decided to add a 6-trick standard WWGP format competion to the event.
To learn more about the judging of each event, click the link below:
Well, the boatercross is the icing on the cake per se.  The Rapides Ste-Catherine are run only a hand full of times of year at most because they simply are so far from shore.  Thanks to Saute Moutons Jet Boating we are able to load kayakers onto their 1400hp boats and rally on up and down the river.  
Truly a unique event, kayakers launch off the boat above the rapids and then essentially chase after it in the eddy below the Class IV+ rapids. While not the most technical rapids, the waves are huge and the boils even bigger.  Kayakers need to be in top shape if they hope to make it through the elimination rounds and into the finals. 
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