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Dedicated to the creation of the most innovative whitewater kayaking event possible on the Lachine Rapids
Since its inception, the purpose of Montreal Eau Vive has been to generate excitement in the whitewater kayaking community as well as to more broadly inspire people to connect with their surrounding natural environment. The Lachine Rapids are an exceptional kayaking destination, yet so few people experience this remarkable natural beauty. Our goal is to “flip the script” and draw the local community down to the water.  Thus, our mission can be broken down into two parts:
  1. Host the most innovative whitewater kayaking event immaginable on the Lachine Rapids
  2. Foster and help build an appreciation for the St Lawrence River among the Montréal community
We take pride in the fact that within the whitewater community Montréal Eau Vive is the only event of its kind. Our competition format is unique in that we are able to host 2 big wave events simultaneously. The Lachine Rapids are literally the only place that is conducive to such an event because of the shear size of the river and the unique geology that creates these rapids. Because we are in a major metropolitan area we also have great potential for getting newcomers into the sport.
We believe kayaking is a gateway and great way to increase the level of appreciation we have for the planet in which we live. Our event is ultimately about appreciation for our natural environment and therefore we are always expanding in order to reach a broader audience than just the whitewater kayaking community alone.  We partner with other local organizations whose share a passion for protecting the natural environment and sharing the experience of the outdoors. 
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