What is MTL SUP FEST ???

Montreal has seen tight knit and vibrant surf and SUP community emerged over the years. MTL SUP FEST aims to be a festive event that brings the community together and celebrate the Aloha lifestyle while sharing the beauty of this sport with all Montrealers!  We will offer activities for families, beginners, curious, intermediates and experts. August 14th Montreal is becoming Hawaii!


The program:

  • Exhibitors:

STND UP,​ Concept Clothing,​ JUMANA BOARDS Inc.​, KSF​, Naak,​ Almasty Outdoor​ Phazon​, Taiga Board,​ Tuga SUP​, Maui and many more !!

  • SUP activities:

    • SUP Race

    • SUP Demo

    • SUP Clinics

  • Prizes

  • And many more surprises!




Sunday August 14th 2016 from 10:00 to 18:00 (EDT)




7770 Boulevard LaSalle, H8P 2X6 (Corner of Bishop Power)




MTL SUP FEST offers two races: The Bunny Run and Chicken Run.

SUP Boads are not included


The Bunny Run - Race $ 19 (SUP board not ncluded)


Beginner-intermediate race level open to all. The Bunny Run is a mellow line that allows people who have never done or little SUP to enjoy the pleasures of a safe and fun beginner friendly race.


Details: Stretching over a distance of 2.5 kilometers, the bunny-race will start at Montreal Rafting HQ. The racers will pass through the Bunny’s Wave small rapid and ends up in the KSF basin. The no.1 departure is for competitive people wishing to perform in this race. The no.2 departure is for people who just want have fun and enjoy the ride.


Departure no.1: Elite

This departure is ideal for those who have a competitive spirit. The Elite race will have a mass start and the first to reach the basin will win the race.


Departure no.2: Relax

This departure is ideal for those who simply want to have fun and have a good time. Everyone is free to go at his or her own pace.


The Chicken Line -Run $ 19 (SUP board not ncluded)


Do not be fooled by the name, the Chicken Run is a race for adrenaline junkies and white water enthusiast. The run happens mainly in the Lachines rapids, the path might be short but contains rapids and standing waves that does not let tame easily.


Details: Stretching over a distance of 1 km, the competitors will start at the KSF basin, will go down the Lachine Rapids Chicken Line and the race will end at Rapids Park pier. Excitement guaranteed! Prizes and participation will be offered.




You are a curious person who loves discovering new sport and love anything that evolves around water! Then you must come and try one of the clinics offered at the MTL SUP FEST. During festivities MTL Eau Vive and KSF have put together an exclusive range of clinics where there will be activities for everyone! Families, beginners, curious, intermediates and experts are all welcome.


Introduction Clinic- 1 hour $ 19


The introduction clinic is an awesome opportunity for first timer who would like to discover the sport. You will discover the pleasure of SUP in a playful environment while exploring the most beautiful water areas of Montreal.  During the clinic, you will learn the origins of SUP, equipment and security notions, different paddling techniques on flat water, and the importance of stability through some balance games. Layback and fun vibe guarantee!


Advanced Clinic - 1 hour $ 19


The clinic for people who have already practiced SUP and who wish to improve certain techniques. During this clinic you will learn advance SUP techniques such as efficient paddle stroke and etc.


White Water Discovery– 2 hours 29$


This clinic is designed for anyone who has little or no white water experience, but who wants to try this kind of experience. During this clinic you will learn basic white water SUP techniques. The highlight will be a down river expedition of 2 kilometers on the Saint Lawrence where you will have the opportunity to put into practice your newly acquired skills and have a taste of white water thrills when paddling down the small Bunny Wave’s rapid.

This clinic is undoubtedly the best way to discover the St. Lawrence River and many of its still well kept secrets.


SUP Yoga - 1 hour $ 19


SUP Yoga Clinic is the best way to enjoy the natural beauty of Parc des Rapides and energy of the sun. Relaxation guaranteed!


SUP Fitness - 1 hour $ 19


SUP Fitness is an original and highly invigorating activity. By simply standing and paddling on a SUP, you work your core and stabilizing muscle. Our clinic is designed to offer you a complete workout by soliciting every muscle group in your body.





Photo: KSF / Mike Hitelman 
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Photo: KSF / Mike Hitelman
Photo: KSF / Mike Hitelman 
Photo: KSF / Mike Hitelman
Photo: KSF 
Photo: KSF 
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